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One critical success factor for the deployment of the bio-based economy is reliable communication about the bio-based content in products. The “Bio-based content certification scheme” is used to specify and validate the amount of biomass in a bio-based product, based on the European standard EN 16785-1:2015. Suppliers can use the scheme to label products with their bio-based content to facilitate both business to business and business to consumer communication.

Single European certification scheme

The “Bio-based content certification scheme” is the European certification scheme that enables independent assessment of claims about the bio-based content of products based on the European standard EN 16785-1. This certification scheme has been developed and validated by a broadly composed group of European stakeholders (e.g. companies active in biopolymers, bio-based chemicals, bio-based plastics, natural rubbers, paints/coatings, certification bodies, procurers).

The European certification scheme contains provisions for the determination, verification and monitoring of the bio-based content of products or product families and is applicable to all kinds of products containing carbon.

Drivers for credible claims

Procurement of bio-based products is gaining more and more interest as a driver for the uptake of bio-based products. Procurers can apply this European standard, as well as other standards in the field of bio-based products, to specify the required characteristics of bio-based products. Suppliers can use certificates and labels to demonstrate that they comply with these requirements. In this respect, procurers can also require that the claim of bio-based content is assessed by a third party (i.e. certification body).


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